Wild Vessel is an immersive theatrical experience focused on personal development, sensual education, and restoring integrity with ourselves.

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We invite you to be as wild and
beautiful as nature.

Our events foster self-expression, deep learning, community connection, and personal transformation.

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It all started as an experiment.
There was a group of women in los Angeles who worked hard to remove the layers of judgement, shame, insecurity and competition, to courageously meet themselves. together, they realized that it’s beyond a woman’s problem living in a patriarchal world, it’s a human one.

We live in a time where many are confused on how to approach intimacy, the erotic, and well, connect to ourselves and each other. We’ve lost touch with our natural nature and are desperate for safe spaces to explore the range of our self expression, community affection, and be held.

“Everyones thinking about it, but there’s no spaces to talk about it!”

We create sensual, not sexual experiences that are substance and device free, providing you an unforgettable experience of presence to explore genders & relationship dynamics and the wild known.

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