Wild Vessel was born in 2017 as an immersive experience with 200 women and 50 men, out of a belief that awakening the feminine in all genders holds a crucial key to reshaping future systems, communities, and social dynamics worldwide. We have done several experiences in Los Angeles, New York, Denver and at Esalen. We are a growing community based on integrity, service and togetherness. Our mission is to create experiences and an educational platform that empowers safe and positive relationships to ourselves, each other, and the planet. Our two main lines of business: exceptionally curated immersive experiences (marketing strategy) and an educational subscription/membership-based community (business model), developing certified trainers and leaders through our online curriculum and eventually physical spaces. We are training the leaders of the new world, sharpening our blade to love and slicing all fears.

Our mission is to protect, catalyze, and empower the Feminine (in all genders), to awaken humanity and our connection to the planet. We are here to cultivate integrity, respect and right relationship to all life, through our events (Wild Vessel), education (Meta Method), and ethos (The book).

Wild Vessel thus far has done 7 events. “Think immersive theater, meets personal development and sensual education all wrapped in an intimate party atmosphere.” The events are our marketing strategy to build the community, culture and ethos, and it’s now time to implement the business model to develop the educational platform. We’re imagining an online subscription model mixed with a Tony Robbins, Landmark, MITT, type of model. Yet, our enrollment process is very very different. We are inspired by the structure of Yoga Teacher Trainings or coaching certifications, though we are creating well rounded certifications that create physical, emotional, spiritual, primal, personal and professional advancement to leverage self-sovereignty, community and planet impact. To lead from integrity is to surrender to the unknown future in a body one trusts.

I’d love to further our discussion around aligned investing and see if there’s compatibly to collaborate for an epic future.

There are new and exciting plateaus around my work with Wild Vessel, my personal brand and the book. My two companies, Wild Vessel and Meta Method, in addition to all things thus far with the book have all been self funded.

I have held and nourished these projects into a position of abundance for myself and everyone on the team. The new plateau for me is that I do not need to be holding the finical back bone of these projects anymore. That my highest role is to navigate the integrity, energetics, and relationships within the multiple eco-systems of these projects and continue to develop the educational curriculums, as well as finish writing the book. To continue to self fund, would require continuing to do individual coaching, which I am only interested in doing if it’s all directed towards someone investing in Wild Vessel and the book, while simultaneously investing in their own personal growth.

(Ex: someone investing $20K into themselves for 4 months of coaching and sessions, and all that money will go towards my writing coach and illustrator.)

That being said, the next two steps are aligning with the right COO and investor(s). From an investment stand point, I have nothing to share with you besides being real. I have a business plan, a finical model all designed and old proposal for the book. I can bullshit some number projections and tell you that it’s going to be successful based on random probability and mathematics. I can also tell you that I’m writing a best selling book. Which, I am, btw... or I can be honest in knowing I have no idea what it’s going to look like, yet I am committed to creating masterpieces from an aligned stance of balanced discernment, and one of the things that I have carried with me since childhood is, I make shit happen and I get what I want. I get it done. And I make it happen from a place of devotional service to living for LIFE. And, I have the most incredible people around me of team mates, advisors, mentors and councils.

The investor is investing in me.

I am generating every move I make towards life, a message, and taking responsibility for being a public figure. I am a voice on behalf of our values - love, integrity, and right relationship to ourselves, each other and the planet. Wild Vessel and the book are my two strongest platforms delivering this message.

I know many people that want to invest in good business.

Not only is this a good business, but it’s doing good for ourselves as a species and the earth. The person that I want to join the Wild Vessel team and invest in the book isn’t putting the money in to get a return on their investment. The return is a different ROI, ripple of impact. The return is investing in something they believe in and watching the magic that takes place from putting energy behind ones beliefs. Trusting what feels good, grows something good. There’s so much to be said behind the energetics around the energy of money (force economic-systems) giving to the feminine (life eco-systems) without needing anything in return. It’s the deep shift around how much we’ve taken from HER, and giving back to HER, without needing anything besides trusting your guttural instincts and if this feels aligned or not. Not looking at a return from a position of money, but a position of love, truth, and faith. A new approach to investing in a new earth, and knowing the energetics behind that do not disappear. They only grow. As that is what love does.

Wild Pack NYC Course
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the commitment


  • integrity

  • Transparency

  • Service

  • Responsibility

  • Play

  • Discernment

  • Togetherness 

  • Sovereignty


Together we will focus an DEVELOP what it means to be in integrity with yourself, your purpose, your community and how you choose moment by moment to live into that in connection with others, following what arises in your awareness and using discernment to move into action from an embodied place.

What you’ll develop and be accounted for, especially for November 16th event:

  • To support the pack in holding space for emergence to happen

  • To pay attention to the group dynamics and each participant so we can track as a pack what is happening, what is needed and how we can support the group.

  • To bring compassionate feedback to the wild pack in things that are going really well and things that can be better in a timely manner

  • To participate to the best of your ability for yourself and the pack

  • To bring your gifts into the container

  • To hold space for others in their process

Wild Pack NYC Course

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Wild Pack NYC Course